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About Us

The origin:

Many people suffer long periods slouching in front of a computer, waist pain from typing, or a generally unergonomic environment. Whether in the office or at home, this is not a good way to work. For everyone from freshman students to the elite and elegant businesswoman, this kind of work environment can cause a myriad of health problems from weight gain to hunched backs and shoulder pain.

The TEMPSPACE workspace station was designed to solve this very problem for everyone from office workers to students The TEMPSPACE workspace has a fluent and concise design. Each model has a distinctive character, with a focus on professionalism and ergonomics. 

Concept & Philosophy

TEMPSPACE's enthusiasm for innovation and emerging technologies allows them to explore, develop, and present next-generation advanced ergonomics.

In order to pursue the best ergonomic product performance, TEMPSPACE has been cooperating with the world’s top R&D and production companies, and is using the knowledge gained to push to the forefront of the market. TEMPSPACE’s designs have better product performance and stability, and can solve the most painful and basic problem of office work.

TEMPSPACE’s goal is to become the leader in the design of ergonomic, healthy office work and learning spaces.

Innovative & Continuous Improvement

Since its founding TEMPSPACE has been at the forefront of ergonomics technology, and continues to work hard to continuing pursuing its innovative vision.

All TEMPSPACE products are assembled by professionals who are passionate about giving you an ideal solution to body pain whether you are working or studying.

Safe and Quality

At Tempspace, safety and quality are our primary concern. We strictly control our design and manufacturing process to provide additional tiers of safety and quality to our products. We also employ industry standard testing processes that improve the reliability and quality of our products to insure you get a product that is safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

Customer Responsiveness

Our customers decide our direction, which is critical to our success. With the goal of striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and our commitments, we continuously recognize, anticipate and monitor internal and external customer needs in any place at any time. We will act in the most responsible way to meet the demand and interest of our customers, build customer confidence, increase customer satisfaction and make things easier in order to improve our customers’ experience.